The effectiveness of any learning platform is dependent upon – “How effectively it is used by your team?” and like any other software Moodle has its own learning curve. Sometimes, people feel that Moodle is too complicated because of the variety of tools available within and make a decision based on that misconception.

If you are in process of adopting Moodle as your learning environment, I can assure you that Moodle is the perfect solution to meet the learning  requirements of all sectors. I am offering different training modes so you can choose the best suitable for you.

  • OnSite Moodle Training: Learning Moodle within your own campus/office with the facilities you are accustomed to can be a breeze. Offered for individual teachers and group of teachers or course creators. The training material is created for the Moodle specific Moodle version used in your organization and always updated with the latest screenshots and videos.
  • Online Moodle training – Problems in organizing the Onsite training, No Worries you can contact me for online training also. Training courses are offered for MCCC(Moodle Course Creators Certificate) Certification, Moodle Course Creation, Best Practices, Basic Moodle Administration.